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McClaud, 12 August 2011
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That would never have happened at home (part 2)

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I have seen the light, Halleluja !! Take me to the water, baptize me and praise the Lord. He DID turn water into wine, I saw it with my own two eyes.

On my way home from work I passed this cave, in it, a long long time ago, someone scribbled: “Maria was here”. And the fellow who did this wasn’t goofing around. This Maria-visit turned the water that was running through this particular cave into holy-water and this attracted a lot, really a lot, millions of people from all over the world. These people needed to be fed, watered and rested and, don’t forget, needed plastic containers in many different sizes to carry this holy water back to where they came from. Candles needed to be burned and souvenirs needed to be bought, all paid for with hard worldly cash. And this cash can buy you all the wine you can dream off. Ergo, water has been turned into wine.

But no, I don’t want to come across as to cynical. Something actually did happen to me when I was walking through the streets of Lourdes. It must have, because I found myself thinking “Jesus” with every step I took. Honestly, it just kept coming to me: “Jesus”, “Jesus”, another step and yes again “Jesus……….how much tourist-crap can you fit in one shop?”

When I continued my journey my new found faith got immediately tested. Driving carefully and slowly on the back-roads of southern France, I found myself taking turn after turn but one of these turns ended differently than I anticipated: in a ditch. There I was, my car stuck and, thanks to the TomTom, not a clue where I was. Luckily two old ladies had seen the “crash” and called a friend, who, in no time, pulled me out of my misery. My muddy feet (I haven’t found out the way to walk on water yet. Well, I did, but that’s a whole different story) were the only damage I could discover after the accident. The lord had been very merciful to me.

At my quick stop for dinner, I started thinking and realized I had found faith and ended up in the gutter, all in one day. Things like that would never happened to me at home.

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